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PB: Gretchen Mol

OC, AU, OR CANON: Alternate Universe

FANDOM: Marvel, Xmen

Character's Name: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock
Codename: Kam (lust)
Age: 28

Powers: Tantra: cast energy flares that manipulate the libido of other people, causing them to become extremely aroused by anything she chooses, can possess an elephant-like physiology including large ears, stubby fingers, tusks, and a trunk.

Biography/History: Betsy and Brian Braddock were born to a very wealthy family. They had everything they wanted while growing up, and they never once hesitated to ask for it. Betsy was particularly demanding of her parents, though they didn't really ever say no to her. It might account to her spoiled nature.

She and Brian were very attached from the beginning. Being closer than most siblings had any right to be. They shared a secret silent language as a lot of twins do. They seemed to be able to know what the other was up to even if they were across a great distance. Betsy didn't particularly like being away from Brian and threw a fit when she was sent to an all girl's school for the first year of her schooling.

She called and wrote every day, both to Brian and her parents. She told Brian how much she hated where she was, and she begged, pleaded, and threatened her parents with anything and everything she could think of until the year was over. The next year, she and Brian were placed together and things were back to normal.

School wasn't anything that Betsy really gave a care about. She had other people doing her homework for her because she didn't want to. On girls she would use friendship as a bribe. For boys, all she had to do was bat her lashes. It was good to be popular and pretty.

As she grew, nothing much changed. Life was easy for her. Her parents let her get away with murder. She didn't pay much attention in school. She did tests and classwork, and that was it. Somehow she managed to sneak by with a B average. During parent/teacher meetings, she was encouraged to put more effort in, that she could have straight As easily. Betsy blew them all off, thinking that there could be nothing as uninteresting as school.

When she hit 12 years old, everything changed very suddenly for her. Her class was outside for a break when a fight broke out between her and one of the less popular girls. The girl was saying hideous things about Brian, and what Betsy and Brian did behind closed doors, and it enraged her. Incapable of controlling herself, Betsy started to fume. Then came the pain. As she doubled over from it, the girl laughed, which drew a crowd and got them laughing too. There was name calling and horrible things said, which only angered her more.

The angrier Betsy became, the more elephantine she got. It started with her skin becoming a light gray, which could be ignored easily, but then her ears and nose started to change, which could not. She started to grow then, to become very large, and finally the laughing stopped. The children all ran. Betsy had no idea what was going on in the outside world during these long minutes, the pain was too overwhelming. Everything else ceased to exist.

When she was finished, the school yard was cleared except for her and Brian. And Brian looked so very small to her. Betsy didn't understand. He was bloody, and Betsy didn't understand that either. Suddenly, he was hugging her and trying to comfort her. She asked what was wrong, and he told her what she looked like now. It accounted for the size, but made no sense.
The two of them walked home, just like it was any other day, and came across a puddle of water. Betsy looked in it to verify what Brian was saying, and startled herself. She really was an elephant.

Once home, Brian explained what had happened to their parents, and brought them outside to have a look since she couldn't fit through the doors to go inside. They seemed a little less surprised about the change in their daughter than their children had been. There was a brief mention of their older brother, Jamie, who they didn't see very much, but it was left at that. Betsy was taken out of school, and a large shelter was built for her. She lived her life as normally as she could as an elephant. She and Brian spent nearly the same amount of time together as they had previously. The only time they were apart was when he had to go to school. Her own education was continued at home. She couldn't cheat anymore, and with nothing else to distract her, she started to do better.

Two years passed like that. Betsy living outside of the main house as an elephant, missing her brother when he wasn't there. He was the only one who really treated her like she was normal, and she became more attached to him by the day.

One day, out of nowhere, a group of people showed up, sneaking around the property. Betsy wouldn't find out until later, but a rumor had been going around the small town about the elephant girl. A group of teens, including some of her former friends, showed up to take a peek. They caught her and Brian outside, sitting in the grass and talking. Laughter started almost immediately, shocked laughter, but it still hurt. She looked up angrily, and that's when they started to throw things at her. Rocks, sticks, whatever they could find. Brian was furious. He rushed forward to stop them and started beating up anybody he could get his hands on.

That's when he changed.

When Betsy realized what had happened to him, her own changed reversed itself. The shock of Brian being an elephant too apparently startled the trunk right off of her. The kids ran, and it was Betsy's turn to do the comforting.

Brian's return to human form was easier, partially because he saw Betsy could do it. Together, the twins told their parents of the good and the bad news. Betsy moved back into her old room and wondered at her ability.

The twins practiced every day, going back and forth from human to elephant. At times one or the other, or both, would get stuck and have to spend time out in the big building outside. The other would stay too, for comfort.

Both of them were home schooled for worry of them turning into elephants in the middle of class. They became quite large when it happened, and the risk to other students was far too great.

As puberty got to it's really unruly stages around 16, Betsy developed another ability. She found that she could cause people to become aroused by anything she picked. It happened on accident the first time. Her father became lustful toward a banana after she offhandedly told him to go sit on one and spin. The first few times she attempted to do it on purpose, nothing happened, so she gave it up as a fluke. Then it happened again, this time with her mother. After that, she was quite determined to get a handle on it. Mostly for the amusement factor of it.

It took her a year to even be able to do it on command, and longer for her to be able to focus it and really make choices. Little did Betsy know, Brian was starting to go through his own new changes. She was so self involved that despite all the time they spent together and how much they loved and relied on each other, she didn't notice at all the things he was doing.

Their parents died when they turned 18. Since Jamie was nowhere to be found, and presumed dead by everybody who had a say, Betsy and Brian were named heirs of the Braddock fortune, including the lands and titles. This gave Betsy and Brian much more freedom to do as they pleased. They tore down the large outbuilding that had been made for Betsy out of spite.

The next two years were filled with the twins doing anything and everything they pleased. It was a bit of a return to childhood for them. They made no attempt to mask their hate for the humans in the world. Those who had treated them badly. They scoffed at charities and human rights advocates who came to them for money, and gave instead to Save The Elephant funds for their own amusement.

When the mutants in the world came to the public eye, it caught Betsy's attention immediately. There seemed to be two sides of them. Those who wanted to live peacefully with humans, and those who didn't really care about them. The second group appealed to her very much. In an attempt to get Erik Lehnsherr's attention, Betsy and Brian decided to throw their weight around. Literally.

They didn't feel the need to hide themselves or their altered forms from anybody. It made no difference to them either way. People already knew, and they'd already decided they didn't like people as a whole very much. Mutants were better than humans, but even then mutants could be too goodie goodie for her liking.

It seemed like a better idea to make their mark in America where they would be televised through the entire country instead of England where the chance for their news story to air over seas was slimmed down significantly. They packed their bags and set themselves up in Reno, Nevada. A big city, touristy. In full elephantine form, Betsy and Brian wandered and destroyed. No deaths were caused by them, but plenty of things were crushed and quite a few people injured.

All there was to do after that was to sit and wait.

The twins didn't need to wait long. Even as the damage total was still being calculated, they were contacted by Lehnsherr. Apparently they'd done enough to catch his eye. He hired the pair of them on for their brute strength.

For 8 years they have gone where Erik has gone, done what he's needed them to do. They get to visit home very rarely, which is fine by them. They're more suited to the nomadic lifestyle that Erik has set up, and they have people in England who take care of the property for them when they're not there.

Personality: Betsy hates humans. She dislikes how weak they are, and definitely sees herself as superior. She loves Brian quite a bit, possibly more than she should. She protects him when she can, and comforts him when he needs it. She's got a hefty view of herself and her importance. She flaunts her money and her status every chance she gets. She's snarky and a bit rude. Betsy likes things to be just so. If something is even slightly wrong, she will insist that it be made right. And won't give up until it is. She doesn't trust people very easily at all, a wound that was left on her by the friends that turned on her when she was 12.

Strengths: As an elephant, Betsy's trunk essentially gives her another hand. She's able to maneuver delicate things with it, as well as use it to crush and carry. Betsy is well in control of both of her abilities. She also has no qualms about using either one for whatever needs to be done. She doesn't see humans as anything worth crying over, and has never balked at an order to kill somebody.

Weaknesses: She might be a little too dependent on her twin, depending on who you talk to. She clings to Brian because he's quite literally the only other person in the world who knows what it feels like to be an elephant. Another problem she has, and it's generally a big one, is that when she gets angry she has a hard time controlling herself. The angrier she gets, the more elephantine she becomes.

Appearance: Betsy has two appearances, really. When she's normal she's blond and blue eyed, standing at 5'11 and 155 pounds. She's nicely built, but nothing like the American waif standard. She keeps her hair on the short side, and curled. Her clothing tends to reflect her upbringing.

Then there's what she looks like when she takes on the elephantine portion of her abilities. Her physiology leans more toward the African elephant than the Asian, and her body proportions become much more extreme. She stands at eight and a half feet tall and weighs close to 1,500 pounds. Betsy retains the ability to stand and function upright in this form, and has some ability to use her hands, as long as it's nothing intricate. She can, if desired, move on all fours which lends to throwing her weight around better. She's also quite capable of verbal communication while an elephant.

PB: Gretchen Mol

Character Affiliation: Brotherhood

IN-GAME HISTORY: Betsy and Brian were finally picked up by the Brotherhood and taken to the home they were currently living in. She was very unimpressed with it and most everything that was going on there. She had had high hopes and when they weren't met, she stopped taking many things very seriously. They eventually got out and created some mischief in the name of Magneto and stir up the Xmen a little bit, but it wasn't enough for her, so she stopped paying attention to notes left calling meetings and took herself to Boston for a bit. Brian eventually came to get her.

PREVIOUS GAME: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/x_emplary

MISC: Betsy is highly attached to her brother and doesn't like to do very much without him. This attachment may seem unnatural to some, but if it's said to her face, she'll get very angry.

CANON PUNCTURING: No, I'd rather it not happen.

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